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JT Gets Rave Reviews After Keynote Address at Philanthropy Partners Annual Meeting

On Thursday, January 27, The Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands (PPCI) welcomed Jonathan as the keynote speaker at their Annual Meeting on Manifesting Your Future: Think it, Believe it, Feel it!

He got rave reviews! Here are just a few of the kind words that people had to say:

"You bring such passion and excitement to your work. It was wonderful to spend an hour in your virtual presence. I hope to meet you in person soon. With gratitude, Tammy"

"Hey JT, Loved your presentation, so much resonated with me. When you talked about your youth and how people hadn’t been exposed to kids of color and the questions they asked, it made me think of a video, and I hope if you have time to watch, on the Danger of a Single Story. As I library director, I want to make sure I house a mirror and a window for people. Take care and thank you for today. -Cyndy"

"Thank you, JT! It was a great event. I started meditating in the mornings for the last couple of months and it has changed my life! You are right about a routine. -Jennifer"

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