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Students at Cape Cod Regional Technical School Appreciated JT's Message

Dave Consalvi, Assistant Principal at Cape Cod Tech and JT wrap up a great event at the school in May and received a lot of positive feedback. Here are just a few of the kind words from students :

"That was amazing!"

"JT Man, you're inspirational!"

"You mentioned that 'checking up on your ex thing' and said it doesn't matter and that they aren't part of your life anymore and not to give out energy where it is not deserved. It brought me back to a positive place so I can finally let them go. So thank you JT."

"We really need someone like you in our school. Everything you said connected with us! You really opened my eyes to so many things in my life"

"'Wanna say ty for your show at tech today I was having a rough time mentally lately and you reminded me that it is 100% okay to have a rough time it's just that you gotta reset. I appreciate you bringing me out of a hard mental space. "

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