Youth Events 

Teen Dance Parties
Career Day

Video Game Tournaments

School Speeches and Motivational Talks


Music Video Show on Public Access "The Real"

Radio Show on WKKL 90.7 (Cape Cod Community College) "The Real Radio"

Wedding and event organization... DJ...Bands...MC/Host (JT)

JTs Chronicles... Daily Inspiration Videos & Small Business Promotion... Twitter, Instagram, Facebook


Basketball Tournaments (Youth and Adults)
Cape Cod Flag Football League for Kids 

Cape Cod Warriors AAU Basketball Program for Kids Fundraisers


Involved with "People of Action" (Local group dedicated to growing a unified community) which organized the first annual Barnstable Unity Day in August 2016.


Named Art Westfall Foundation/Bartender's Ball - Mayor of Cape Cod 2016 (JT)

Mentoring, coaching, teaching....

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